Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

In my opinion I think that in the end of The Taming of the Shrew Kate wasn't tamed. She may of acted like it, but I think she was just acting. I feel she didn't have a choice and Petruchio just forced her to be nicer. After they got married she probably was the same mean old Kate. At the end she just kept agreeing with him. For example when the old man came and Petruchio called him a girl. Kate just agreed even though she could tell that it was a old man. I think she was just trying to please Petruchio, she wasn't really tamed.
     At the begging of the unit when Mrs.Edlin told us we were studying Shakespeare I thought it would be boring. I didn't really know who Shakespeare was, I just assumed he was some old man who wrote poetry. Now I have a better understanding of him and I learned a lot. Now that I have learned about what he did I know he wrote lots of cool plays about death and stuff. I changed my mind right about the time we did death scenes in Shakespeare plays. That was cool. I also found it fun to insult each other the shakespeare way.
     Shakespeare's first folio is important because it hold some of the only paper copies of some of his plays. He never wrote down his plays he just preformed them so when the first folio came out it was really important. It is also around four hundred years old. To have something that old in fairly good condition is really cool. There aren't very many copies so they are very rare. That makes them even more important.
     Even though Shakespeare died four hundred years ago he is still very important. He basically paved the way for so many other movie and play writers. His plays were really famous and still are today. He created many words and sayings in the english language. If Shakespeare never existed we wouldn't have as many words or sayings. Lots of movie and play writers base their movies off of Shakespeare plays. Without Shakespeare we wouldn't have many of those movies.

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  1. You explained things very well! You gave lots of your own thought and opinions. Nice job!