Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word

     If I had to describe my 2018 goals in just one word, that word would be energy. I debated many other words but finally settled on energy because it could have so many different meanings. Energy can also relate to many if not all of my goals.

     One of my main goals this year is to be motivated. Energy and motivation really work together on the concept of getting things done. In past years I have told myself I'm going to do certain things and then I don't. In 2018 I really want to have the energy and motivation to follow through with my goals.

     Similar to my previous goal, I want to try harder. Sometimes I tend to not care, especially if what I'm doing isn't important to me. So this year I want to put energy into everything I do even if it's not something I really care about.

     I also want to drink more water this year. I almost never drink water. I always get random headaches and I recently realized it was because I was dehydrated. Water is a very important factor in the amount of energy you have. I have very high expectations of myself and to fulfill all of my goals I need to have energy. I am also a pretty active person so drinking more water would be very essential.

     To have energy you need to sleep. I think I'm pretty good at getting enough sleep, but sometimes I stay up way too late trying to finish things. This year I'm going to try to get more sleep so that I can have the energy to meet my expectations. Sleep is also vital for good mental and physical health.

     In 2018 I want to be more energetic. I tend to think very negatively and I want to have more of a positive attitude. I normally just want to get things done and do them as quickly as possible. So this year my goal is to be happy and energetic about doing things and think on the positive side.

     Strength and energy both have the same meaning. This year I want to have more internal strength. I want to be strong enough to take things that people say and improve off of them. Make myself better and not just think everything anyone says to me is mean.

      All in all, this year I really just want to have the energy to do things, not to give up, to try harder, and have more of a positive mindset.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird Reflection

In GOAL class, we just finished reading and watching To Kill A Mockingbird. After reading the book I was slightly disappointed in the movie.  I was sad that they didn't include lots of the book. Some of the most important, life lessons, were left out of the book. I definitely noticed some similarities and differences. Some things similar to the book were, the characters (even though lots of them were left out), the scene where Scout and Jem almost get killed, the trial, and the part where Jem and Dill go and touch Boo's house. Although there are some similarities, there are LOTS of differences. Many scenes were just left out. For example, the fire, the pageant (even though it was mentioned it wasn't shown), Ms. Dubose, specifically the part where they had to read to her, Francis, Aunt Alexander, Calpernia taking the children to church, and Atticus never says, "son where are your pants".
     The movie was similar to what I thought it would be like. I figured the book would be much better, although I was still disappointed. I was very excited to see certain scenes and then they were just left out. I didn't expect the characters to look anything like they did. I expected it to be old looking, but I didn't think the movie would be in black and white. If I could change anything I would change the characters. Scout would have long brown hair and NO bangs. The only character I expected to look the way they did was Atticus. I also would've included all the scenes. If all the parts of the book were in it than I would have LOVED the movie.
     The only thing I like in the movie more than I liked in the book was Dill and Atticus. Atticus' closing argument was much better than I expected. I also enjoyed Dill. I was sad that Dill never told his crazy stories, but I still really liked Dill. I'm not really sure why, but he was such a good character. I'm also disappointed that the movie didn't really show Dill and Scout's relationship. I feel like the movie was more Jem's point of view. Which I liked, but also didn't. I feel like they should make a movie in Atticus' point of view.
     Overall, I was disappointed in the movie. It wasn't necessarily bad, I was just expecting more. I was sad that lots of the scenes were cut out. I also noticed many of the details needed to make it interesting weren't there.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing 1ST Quarter

     There are many, many, many things that get on my nerves, but here are a few. People who act like they are better than they are. They think they're "all that" when in reality they aren't. Stuck up people also get on my nerves. People who walk really slow in the hallway. I hate walking behind these people because I feel like I'm going to be late. Stupid people also get on my nerves. I already understand what the teacher is saying, but yet she has to reteach it 2000 more times just so that everyone gets it. People, in general, get on my nerves. Why do we have to be so dumb!? Can't we all just get along and not fight!? My sister gets on my nerves. She can't clean up after herself, she acts stupid 24/7 and has to know everything about my life. So there are just some things of the many things that get on my nerves.

     I think the difference between a house and a home is, a house is the structure. The building part, the actual house. A home is the love inside. You wouldn't consider a barn a home, but it could be a house. Maybe not for people, but for animals. It's all about how much life is inside. If you take care of your house, have stuff hanging up, there's love inside, then it's a home. I also think a home is full of memories, a house not so much.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Words of Wisdom

This project really made me understand the meaning behind most quotes. Before I didn't really think about how quotes could relate to me and my life. The words of wisdom I received really taught me that quotes can relate to my life. I also learned that the words in the quote don't matter, it's the meaning behind them. The quote could say something about animals, but it's really referring to humans and the things they do. I never knew how much you could learn from quotes. Even the simple ones can mean/teach a lot.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

History Day Reflection

     For my History Day project I worked with Sophie Stever. We decided to do a group exhibit. Our exhibit was on a few of the different people/groups who stood up to Hitler. We researched Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and White Rose resistance group. My favorite part about this project was designing the board. I liked getting creative and planning everything out. I really like how the board ended up looking.
     I found the leaflets White Rose wrote and their quotes all very interesting. It was inspiring to see that you can take a stand through writing. Their quotes were all very deep and meaningful. I found White Rose a interesting group because of the way they stood up. The last leaflet White Rose wrote was smuggled out of the country. Millions of copies were made and then dropped by air over Germany. I think it is cool that somebody agreed with what they wrote so much that they made millions of copies and dropped them over Germany. Its really interesting how others agreed with what they wrote and took a stand because of them.
     The hardest part of History Day was the word count. For exhibits you could only use 500 words. To me that's not enough. It was especially hard for use because we researched 3 different things. I had to leave out some things. We even had to get rid of a whole topic! We didn't get to write everything we wanted to because of the word limit. If we wouldn't have had a word count this project wouldn't have been nearly as stressful. 
     This project helped me improve as a learner. It helped me understand why we need good sources. The bibliographies helped show that we really need to find information from each site. During the process of this project I learned so much more about different sides of Hitler, not just one. History Day made me more aware of the type of things we will have to do in the future. I learned more about taking good notes and why it's so important.
     Between now and History Day I want to improve our bibliographies. I think they were a rushed and could be a little better. We need to fix a few things on our board. Sophie needs to reprint her captions. I also want to improve the citations. We need to make sure they are correct and we have all the right information.
     Throughout this experience I am most proud of our board. It is very neat. Everything worked well on the board. Our exhibit has all the needed information without to much. I am most proud of this because I didn't expect it to turn out so good. I had a vision of it, but the real thing is better. Our board is very organized and flows nicely. You can tell we put a lot of effort into it. The exhibit reflects how much time we put in. I am very proud of the way it turned out.
     Our topic relates to the theme: taking a stand in history. All of the people/groups we research took a stand in their own way. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya joined a resistance movement and march for her beliefs. Dietrich Bonhoeffer worked at a church that helped rescue Jews. White Rose wrote leaflets describing their thoughts and spray painted signs telling people to take a stand. They all inspired others to take a stand. Every one of them stood up for what the believed during a very harsh time. They chose others over themselves. Our topic really shows that people stood up for what they believed in no matter what the consciences.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

In my opinion I think that in the end of The Taming of the Shrew Kate wasn't tamed. She may of acted like it, but I think she was just acting. I feel she didn't have a choice and Petruchio just forced her to be nicer. After they got married she probably was the same mean old Kate. At the end she just kept agreeing with him. For example when the old man came and Petruchio called him a girl. Kate just agreed even though she could tell that it was a old man. I think she was just trying to please Petruchio, she wasn't really tamed.
     At the begging of the unit when Mrs.Edlin told us we were studying Shakespeare I thought it would be boring. I didn't really know who Shakespeare was, I just assumed he was some old man who wrote poetry. Now I have a better understanding of him and I learned a lot. Now that I have learned about what he did I know he wrote lots of cool plays about death and stuff. I changed my mind right about the time we did death scenes in Shakespeare plays. That was cool. I also found it fun to insult each other the shakespeare way.
     Shakespeare's first folio is important because it hold some of the only paper copies of some of his plays. He never wrote down his plays he just preformed them so when the first folio came out it was really important. It is also around four hundred years old. To have something that old in fairly good condition is really cool. There aren't very many copies so they are very rare. That makes them even more important.
     Even though Shakespeare died four hundred years ago he is still very important. He basically paved the way for so many other movie and play writers. His plays were really famous and still are today. He created many words and sayings in the english language. If Shakespeare never existed we wouldn't have as many words or sayings. Lots of movie and play writers base their movies off of Shakespeare plays. Without Shakespeare we wouldn't have many of those movies.