Wednesday, March 22, 2017

History Day Reflection

     For my History Day project I worked with Sophie Stever. We decided to do a group exhibit. Our exhibit was on a few of the different people/groups who stood up to Hitler. We researched Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and White Rose resistance group. My favorite part about this project was designing the board. I liked getting creative and planning everything out. I really like how the board ended up looking.
     I found the leaflets White Rose wrote and their quotes all very interesting. It was inspiring to see that you can take a stand through writing. Their quotes were all very deep and meaningful. I found White Rose a interesting group because of the way they stood up. The last leaflet White Rose wrote was smuggled out of the country. Millions of copies were made and then dropped by air over Germany. I think it is cool that somebody agreed with what they wrote so much that they made millions of copies and dropped them over Germany. Its really interesting how others agreed with what they wrote and took a stand because of them.
     The hardest part of History Day was the word count. For exhibits you could only use 500 words. To me that's not enough. It was especially hard for use because we researched 3 different things. I had to leave out some things. We even had to get rid of a whole topic! We didn't get to write everything we wanted to because of the word limit. If we wouldn't have had a word count this project wouldn't have been nearly as stressful. 
     This project helped me improve as a learner. It helped me understand why we need good sources. The bibliographies helped show that we really need to find information from each site. During the process of this project I learned so much more about different sides of Hitler, not just one. History Day made me more aware of the type of things we will have to do in the future. I learned more about taking good notes and why it's so important.
     Between now and History Day I want to improve our bibliographies. I think they were a rushed and could be a little better. We need to fix a few things on our board. Sophie needs to reprint her captions. I also want to improve the citations. We need to make sure they are correct and we have all the right information.
     Throughout this experience I am most proud of our board. It is very neat. Everything worked well on the board. Our exhibit has all the needed information without to much. I am most proud of this because I didn't expect it to turn out so good. I had a vision of it, but the real thing is better. Our board is very organized and flows nicely. You can tell we put a lot of effort into it. The exhibit reflects how much time we put in. I am very proud of the way it turned out.
     Our topic relates to the theme: taking a stand in history. All of the people/groups we research took a stand in their own way. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya joined a resistance movement and march for her beliefs. Dietrich Bonhoeffer worked at a church that helped rescue Jews. White Rose wrote leaflets describing their thoughts and spray painted signs telling people to take a stand. They all inspired others to take a stand. Every one of them stood up for what the believed during a very harsh time. They chose others over themselves. Our topic really shows that people stood up for what they believed in no matter what the consciences.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

In my opinion I think that in the end of The Taming of the Shrew Kate wasn't tamed. She may of acted like it, but I think she was just acting. I feel she didn't have a choice and Petruchio just forced her to be nicer. After they got married she probably was the same mean old Kate. At the end she just kept agreeing with him. For example when the old man came and Petruchio called him a girl. Kate just agreed even though she could tell that it was a old man. I think she was just trying to please Petruchio, she wasn't really tamed.
     At the begging of the unit when Mrs.Edlin told us we were studying Shakespeare I thought it would be boring. I didn't really know who Shakespeare was, I just assumed he was some old man who wrote poetry. Now I have a better understanding of him and I learned a lot. Now that I have learned about what he did I know he wrote lots of cool plays about death and stuff. I changed my mind right about the time we did death scenes in Shakespeare plays. That was cool. I also found it fun to insult each other the shakespeare way.
     Shakespeare's first folio is important because it hold some of the only paper copies of some of his plays. He never wrote down his plays he just preformed them so when the first folio came out it was really important. It is also around four hundred years old. To have something that old in fairly good condition is really cool. There aren't very many copies so they are very rare. That makes them even more important.
     Even though Shakespeare died four hundred years ago he is still very important. He basically paved the way for so many other movie and play writers. His plays were really famous and still are today. He created many words and sayings in the english language. If Shakespeare never existed we wouldn't have as many words or sayings. Lots of movie and play writers base their movies off of Shakespeare plays. Without Shakespeare we wouldn't have many of those movies.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st blog post

My academic goal for this year is to make the straight A honor roll for every quarter. I want to do this because last year I made the straight A honor roll three out for four quarters and I would like to work on that. For my personal behavior goal I want to earn the principle award because It is a pretty big award and to get something like that would be a big achievement(and you get a candy bar!!). This year I really want to work on my spelling. I am not a very good speller and think that is one area I really need to work on. All of these goals are very important and I hope I can exceed them!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pioneer children

For this assignment we had to choose a topic related to westward expansion. I worked with Ellie and we choose the topic pioneer children. We specifically wanted to learn about their chores. Here it is.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Independent projects

My topic was dreams. I choose this topic because I have always been interested in dreams and wondered about them. The part that made me most proud was my unique topic and that I answered all of my questions very well. This made me proud because a lot of people didn't exactly answer all of their questions that they had very well or left the audience hanging. We didn't exactly understand what was going on. The most interesting thing I learned was that dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, shrews, and few other animals dream. I also found it cool what some of the theories about why we dream were. If I could change my project I would go more in depth about the different kinds of dreams. I didn't really explain them or learn very much about them so I feel that I could learn more about them. I also think learning about sleep-walking and talking would be interesting.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Invent Iowa Reflection

     The problem I tried to solve with my invention was water waste. Specifically when we wash clothes. We use around 40 gallons of water just to wash one load of laundry. The solution is Clothing Spray. With Clothing Spray you only use around 3 tablespoons of water to wash three loads. That saves around 39.9882812 gallons of water! Making my prototype was probably the easiest part of the project because I knew exactly what I was going to put in it I just had to mix all of those things together. One of the challenges I faced was using my time wisely because I ended up typing and designing the whole board in one night. If I could make my invention better I would try making it smell better and I would test it on other types of clothing. I would do this because I only tested my product on one type of stain, and I want to make sure it works on other stains. I only tested Clothing Spray on one type of shirt so I don't know if it works on other clothes. My advice to future inventors would be not to expect everything to be exactly right and use your time as well as possible.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comics, Cartoons, and Graphic Novels Final Project

 I chose project #2 which is the one where you draw the answer to the question. So here is what they look like!

 To figure out the question you have to see what I wrote at the top. Like if I wrote I see... That means the question is what do you see, or something similar to that.

Explain how your project shows what you learned in the unit comics, cartoons, and graphic novels.
My project shows what I learned because I used emanata in the correct way, my project also shows how now I use everything in the correct way, it clearly states the answer to the questions, I learned how to draw characters, it shows how I learned to show what a question is by using a statement, and it shows how I learned to show things with images instead of words.